Triple Olympic medalist Steve Holcomb speeds through bobsled training for weekend four man World Cha

Bo-Dyn built bobsleds at the head of the field with one day of training remaining

WINTERBERG, Germany - Steve Holcomb, a three time Olympic medalist and his Night Train 2 Team, posted the best combined times in day two of training Wednesday for the four man world bobsled championships in Winterberg, Germany.

Holcomb had the second fastest and fastest training times of heats, respectively, in heats three and four of the allotted six before the four-heat race on Saturday and Sunday that ends the season.

Holcomb has medaled six straight years in his original Night Train and Night Train 2 sleds, built by the Bo-Dyn Bobsled Project. His resume includes:

  • Gold in 2009 World Championships in Lake Placid. It was the first United States four man world championship since 1959 in Night Train 1

  • Gold at 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. That was the first gold for the USA in men’s bobsled since 1948, and occurred in the original Night Train

  • Bronze at 2011 World Championships in Konigssee, Germany in the original Night Train

  • Gold at 2012 World Championships Lake Placid in the original Night Train

  • Bronze at St Moritz World Championships in the original Night Train

  • Bronze at 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi in the Night Train 2

Holcomb not only posted the best overall times in the third and four training runs, but his Night Train 2 sled had a speed exceeding 137 kilometers per hour (over 80 MPH) with no other sled getting closer than 136 kilometers per hour.

"The Night Train 2 was pretty quick today," said Holcomb. "The track is way easier than last year and I seem to be able to put the sled anywhere I want. It’s great my team gave me some decent start times but I also realize it is also practice. The Germans are sleeping so far and it will be a great challenge for us to medal. But the fast training times are encouraging."

Holcomb's Night Train teammate Nick Cunningham, driving the Night Train over the past two seasons, posted the third and seventh times in both training runs and also had exceptional speed.

Final training runs take place Thursday.

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