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Rent a Bobsled!

You can rent a bobsled and have it painted in your corporate colors including a Night Train Show sled.

Call 518 524 3269

The Night Train Show sled.

Rent a bobsled, posed couple with sled.
A life time memory...Everyone wants to get a picture in the sled, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Rent a bobsled. Group shot.
Sleds are great for trade shows!

Members of Team USA can be scheduled to attend your event.

Rent a bobsled, Bodine Event, Bo-Dyn Bobsled Challenge Poster
Dayton 500 winner, Geoff Bodine can make an appearance as well.

Rent a bobsled. Photo of an old sled.
If you want a older, historic sled, that can also be arranged.

Call 518 524 3269 to make your plans!